Get your life back.



Hi, I’m Ozan Varol.

Before I became a law professor, I was an attorney.

Well, to be honest, I was an overwhelmed, workaholic zombie.

I gave up my hobbies and began to think of my life in six-minute billable increments.

One meeting after another, one deposition after the next, my time was being hijacked by other people.

If you’re like most lawyers I know, life is also coming at you faster than you can manage it.

You feel busy but not necessarily productive.

You’re thinking too much, juggling too much, and doing too much.

Perhaps you had an idea in law school about what the practice of law would be like but now that you’re in practice, you feel duped.

The good news?  You’re in the right place.

After quitting the practice of law, I became an academic and turned into a productivity nerd to understand the plague of “too-much-ness.”  I devoured every resource imaginable on how to construct a happier, healthier, and more effective life.

Using the strategies I discovered, in 2016 alone, I wrote a 90,000-word book (which I finished in 8 months), launched a business, published several law review articles, and traveled through 20 different foreign cities in Europe, Middle East, and South America—all the while keeping a day job as a law professor.

I became a Leverage certified productivity coach and started a coaching program to help overwhelmed lawyers get their life back.

My goal is to give you more time.

You can use that time to sleep in, pick up your kids at school, learn to play the guitar, travel through Europe with a friend, take a welding class, or read a book for fun.

You name it.

You worked hard to get to where you are.

You deserve a life where you—not others—are in control.

This is the program I wish I had when I was in practice. Had I known what I know now, I could have built a sustainable career for myself.

Please download the free playbook to get started.

If you’d like to hit the ground running, click here to schedule a free, 15-minute alignment session. I currently have only 5 spots remaining in my coaching program.  

Act fast.


What Others Think

“Ozan and the Effective Attorney program are a godsend for overwhelmed attorneys. If he’s open to working with you, sign on the dotted line and follow his lead.”
Ari Meisel, Productivity Expert, Author, New York, NY
“Ozan is inspirational. He dares his students to dream big and then shows by example that it’s achievable. However, he is also humble, kind, and can laugh at himself. His encouragement helped me make it through the stress of law school. His dedication reminded me why I was there to begin with. And his character and sense of self kept me true to who I wanted to be when I reached the other side.”
Gwyndolyn S, Attorney at Arneson Group
“Ozan was ready and willing to offer feedback in an environment filled with people who don’t have the time to care or the emotional capital to invest in some upstart kid who asked too many questions. He got to know me, answered my questions, and provided guidance and advice for surviving in a world that I knew nothing about. When I was faced with a difficult choice he was there to give me support. He is truly the kind of person anyone can rely on to help sort through the noise of life. Though our time together was brief I am incredibly thankful for his counsel and I am better for having had the benefit of it.”
Greg B, District Attorney
“Throughout law school, I struggled with depression brought on by chronic stress. Feeling helpless and overwhelmed, I began to question whether I was on the right career path. Ozan Varol reinvigorated my interest in the law and gave me the confidence to continue my legal career. His passion for the law and dedication to helping others are truly inspiring.”
Kian P, Law Student at Lewis & Clark