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moonshot academy

Next Cohort: Fall 2021

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“A transformative expérience.”
Bruce Chane, Directeur chez RUNMASQUES

“A fantastic investment in yourself. Nothing else I’ve ever done comes close.”

—Michael Hare, Extreme Aerobatics Flight Instructor

the what

This is like nothing you’ve ever done before. That’s why the Moonshot Academy will boost your progress like nothing you’ve ever done before.

The Academy will help you get your moonshot into orbit – whether it’s to launch a new business, accelerate an existing one, write a book, reinvent yourself, or transition into a career your love.

Like a rocket, the Moonshot Academy has 3 stages proven to launch you into orbit.

1) Pre-launch: Is 3 weeks of prompts and collaboration on the private forum. With guidance you’ll set the foundation and trajectory of your moonshot. Building community and connection with your fellow cadets along the way.

2) Launch: This is an intensive week proven to make giant leaps. What’s involved? Two half-day Saturday workshops, and two evenings small group working sessions (Tuesday and Thursday).

3) Reaching Orbit: 3 months of private forum access. Surprise prompts every 2 weeks to stretch your thinking. Plus, progress and accountability check-ins with your fellow cadets.

These 4 months will take you places you didn’t think were possible. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of like-minded cadets that will support and challenge you to aim higher.

You’ll make giant leaps that would take years (or more) to accomplish on your own.

“The workshop was a FANTASTIC, INVALUABLE EXPERIENCE! Once you learn the workshop’s teachings, life will never be the same. As a result of the workshop, I now believe I can achieve my goal.”

—Briana Swift, Associate, K&L Gates

The When

We haven’t yet announced the dates for the next session. Please click here to get on the waiting list.

the why

I talk to amazing people everyday who:

      • …are frustrated with their lack of progress, even though they work hard doing the “right” things.
      • …talk themselves out of taking action because it’s just not “the right time.”
      • …struggle to break free from the limitations and thought patterns that hold them back
      • …are tired of being in the same spot, year after year.
      • …see their best self somewhere in the distance, but aren’t sure how to get there.

If any of the above apply to you, the Moonshot Academy could change the trajectory of your life. 

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“If you are truly looking to make a bold step in your life, if you have a big idea that you can’t ignore but lack clarity on how to make it happen, if you dare to believe that you can change the world and recognize how much you don’t know that will be required to do so…Moonshot Academy might just be the launchpad and ground control you never knew you needed.”

—Scott Wolfson, Richmond, VA

What others
are saying

Nicole Hart, Managing Director Trusts & Estates,  Wealthspire Advisors

Andrew Petty, Life and Leadership Coach

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A one-time fee of $995

The Where

Since this will be a virtual retreat, you can attend in your living room, at your kitchen table, or on the beach. All you need is wifi and a quiet, comfortable place to participate.

“It was MILES BETTER than any other virtual or in-person events I’ve attended. One of the greatest investments you can make into your personal development. This was powerful stuff.“

Zuhair Syed, Digital Channel Specialist, Roche

the whO

You and a diverse group of fellow cadets. Thought partners who will help you see things differently, challenge assumptions, highlight blind spots, share wisdom from their own experience, support you, stress-test your ideas, and help you soar to levels you’ve never reached before.

“I left the workshop feeling empowered, inspired, and well equipped!”

—Janette Atkins, Senior Innovation Manager, adidas

The How

Here is the 6-step path that we’ll travel together:

      1. Nail down your moonshot. We’ll help you define your moonshot, reimagine what’s possible, and eliminate limitations holding you back. You’ll be equipped to think bigger and move faster than you ever thought possible.
      2. Find the right trajectory. You’ll put together a concrete roadmap, with actionable steps, to getting to your moonshot. We’ll help you validate your trajectory and spot any course-corrections you need.
      3. Do more by doing less. You often have to make time for what really matters. We’ll help you pinpoint what in your life doesn’t align with your priorities and eliminate the clutter so you can create space for your moonshot.
      4. Develop experiments. A key part of progressing toward your moonshot is conducting small-scale, low-stakes tests that you can quickly run to learn what works and what doesn’t. You’ll come up with experiments, planning exactly how to execute them to identify the most effective approaches.
      5. Accelerate. We’ll help you stress-test your planned experiments and gather insight from the group to improve and fine-tune them.
      6. Achieve. For 3 months after the virtual retreat, you’ll have access to an exclusive private forum where your fellow cadets will keep you accountable and support you as you work toward your moonshot. 

You won’t just learn the moonshot process. You’ll also implement it during the retreat, while getting personalized feedback from a supportive community of fellow cadets.

“The workshop gave me the insights—and strategies that enabled me to discover insights on my own. I’m already realizing the dividends from the workshop just a few short weeks after my investment. You should invest in yourself too.

—Nick Lauren, Lawyer, Portland OR

I’m in! Now what?

Admission is by application only. First come, first served. 

Click the button below to apply. 

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Want to know the second you can join Moonshot Mastermind?

Want to know the second you can join Moonshot Academy?

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