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Decision Making

The myth of “shameless self-promotion”

It’s been a particularly wild week in Varol-land, with the launch of my new book, Awaken Your Genius. I’ve been floored by the early response and reviews. This Amazon review from Robert Hill brought me to tears:

This isn’t a book. It’s an operations manual on how to live an extraordinary life. The whole time I was reading this I couldn’t get one idea out of my head… If this was a middle school or high school textbook and taught as a class/course it would literally change the world. It’s that good. You see “life changing” thrown around often on many book reviews, but this gem deserves that description. Almost every page is dog-eared and by the time I’m done with my second read through, I’m sure it will be soaked with a hi-lighter. An absolute masterpiece. 

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