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Announcing my new book, amazing bonuses, and a sneak preview

This post has been 30 years in the making. Ever since I was a wide-eyed child devouring one book after another, I’ve dreamed of writing one of my own. I’m excited to officially announce that my first book, The Democratic Coup d’État, is now available for pre-order. It will be released in paperback and hardcover on November 2nd (the e-book version can be downloaded now).

I hope this book will be the first of many. To convince future book publishers that my writing is worth printing, I must sell as many copies as I can of this first book. This is your opportunity to support my writing (for as little as $9.99, the current, discounted price of the e-book).

Still stuck

As I write this article, I’m sipping tea in Dublin, Ireland, thinking about Irish bathroom faucets. Specifically, I’m pondering their striking similarity to the Electoral College, the inch-pound system, space shuttle engines, and car headlights.

More on that jumble of thoughts in a minute.

America’s Demons and Better Angels

I came to America for all the cliché reasons.

As a young boy growing up in Istanbul, America had assumed a dreamlike quality for me, culled from the eclectic set of American television shows selected for translation to Turkish. To me, America was Cousin Larry in Perfect Strangers, who takes Balki, his Eastern European cousin, under his wings in his Chicago home where they perform the “dance of joy” to celebrate good fortune. America was the Tanner family in Alf, who provide shelter to a furry extraterrestrial alien with a penchant for eating their cat.

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