What Teddy Roosevelt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sofia Vergara have in common​

Teddy Roosevelt was not your typical President. Just for fun, he would memorize obscure poetry and dense state documents and recite them on cue. He would send to Congress book-length messages, complete with graphic illustrations. During his “spare” time, he was a professional author, writing […]

6 secrets to success from the athlete who revolutionized the high jump

Dick Fosbury couldn’t stand still.

He was rocking back and forth, wiggling his fingers, eyeing the bar from a distance, and calculating the physics of his anticipated leap, while 80,000 fans watched with held breath.

He began his confident jog toward the bar, concealing the storm brewing […]

Still stuck

As I write this article, I’m sipping tea in Dublin, Ireland, thinking about Irish bathroom faucets. Specifically, I’m pondering their striking similarity to the Electoral College, the inch-pound system, space shuttle engines, and car headlights.

More on that jumble of thoughts in a minute.

We’re wrapping up […]