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Have you had enough?

We had had enough. More than enough.

We were driving back from OK Omens, one of our favorite restaurants in Portland, after an amazing dinner outdoors. Since the pandemic, we don’t eat out much, and when we do, the dinner turns into a full-blown feast.

Stop shoulding all over yourself

There’s a word that I decided to drop from my vocabulary.

It’s the word should. It comes from the word shall, which in Old English means “to be under an obligation” or “to owe.” Should often represents something I’ve obligated myself to do—without even realizing it.

A terrible piece of advice

In fourth grade, I received one of the worst pieces of advice I’ve ever heard.

It’s recess and we’re playing soccer. I’m on defense, trying to clear the ball, and it’s just not working. Opposing players are running right past me. With each goal scored against my team, my budding dreams of becoming a star defender are quickly fizzling.

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