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Stop looking for hacks. Do this instead.

At its core, a rocket launch is the controlled explosion of a small nuclear bomb—controlled being the operative word.

A rocket burns with unbelievable fury. One wrong step, one miscalculation, and you can expect the worst. “There are a thousand things that can happen when you go to light a rocket engine,” explains SpaceX propulsion chief Tom Mueller. “And only one of them is good.”

The best of what I’m reading, watching, and exploring (April 2021)

From time to time, instead of my usual email with one big idea you can read in 3 minutes or less, I share with you the best of what I’m reading, watching, and exploring. Enjoy!

A quick announcement first: Some of you ran into a glitch with the survey I circulated last week asking for your opinion on this weekly email. If that’s you, here’s the link again (with the glitch fixed). It will take less than 2 minutes (literally) to complete.

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