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The best of what I’m reading, watching, and exploring (November 2021)

Some exciting news first: I just launched a new course on LinkedIn Learning called “Crafting Questions to Make Better Decisions.”

Have you ever rushed to find a solution only to find out afterwards that a better answer was lurking in plain sight? Finding the right questions is the key to finding the best solutions. In this short course—which you can watch in about 30 minutes—I reveal how you can use questions intentionally to reimagine what’s possible and spot opportunities you couldn’t see before.

Spectacularly you

Back in 1998—before Spotify was a thing—Derek Sivers started a company called CD Baby that allowed musicians to sell their albums online. If you purchased a CD on the website, you’d get a generic automated email letting you know that the order had been placed and thanking you for your business.

To Sivers, this automated email felt too sterile and out of touch with his mission to “make people smile.” So he took 20 minutes and wrote a new order confirmation email more aligned with that mission. Here are some highlights:

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