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Why I like to contradict myself

I recently wrote an article, The Dangerous Cult of Productivity, where I explained how the modern obsession with productivity often becomes an obstacle to achieving anything.

An astute reader wrote to me to point out a contradiction. In the article, I was vocally criticizing the cult of productivity, while also promoting the very same cult by giving away a 30-minute video on my personal productivity systems as a bonus for pre-ordering my forthcoming book, Think Like a Rocket Scientist.

The paradox of control

Of all the bizarre relationships humans have with their feelings, our relationship with the feeling of control might top the list.

Here’s why: We try to control things we can’t control.

The dangerous cult of productivity

In the early 2010s, I developed what can be charitably called an obsession with productivity. I left no moment in my day unaccounted for and packed every minute in pursuit of “growth.”

I put a Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom so I could listen to podcasts (on 2x speed, of course) while showering.

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