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An easier life isn’t a better life

I’ve always hated grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping conjures memories of an hour spent pushing a cart down the aisle with one hand and clutching a shopping list in the other—with eyes searching the shelves for that elusive box filled with some random ingredient we need for Sunday dinner.

Why less is better than more

I was in the studio last week to record the audiobook version of my forthcoming book, Think Like a Rocket Scientist. The full audiobook will be about 8 hours long, but I was scheduled for 4 full days in the studio.

I didn’t ask any questions about the seeming disparity, assuming my publisher knows something I don’t. I trekked to the studio with one giant mug of water and one equally giant mug of coffee in hand. I was joined by an audio engineer in one ear and a director in the other—both extremely competent in their jobs.

The downside of learning

I was a podcast addict before podcasts became a thing.

I would listen to podcasts in the shower. I would listen to podcasts while making my morning coffee. I would listen to podcasts while walking my dog Einstein, while driving to work, driving back from work—all, of course, on 2x speed to make sure I could pack every minute of my day with the pursuit of “knowledge” and “growth” (as an aside, after listening to so many podcasts on 2x speed, I repeatedly caught myself talking at 2x speed as well).

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