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Why I’m leaving academia

First, some great news: Think Like a Rocket Scientist was just selected as an Amazon Top 20 Book of 2020 in three categories: non-fiction, business and leadership, and science.

Following the book’s launch, I’ve appeared on dozens of podcasts. There’s a question that I’m often asked during podcast interviews: “Is there a relatively inexpensive purchase you’ve made recently that has had a strong positive impact on your life?”

How to thrive in a world of constant change

Imagine eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

That’s what half the Irish population did in the early 1800s. The poor ate almost exclusively potatoes, with the potato consumption of a typical farm worker exceeding a whopping 6 pounds a day.

How to find your next big idea

At its core, a rocket launch is the controlled explosion of a small nuclear bomb—controlled being the operative word.

One wrong step, one miscalculation, and you can expect the worst. “There are a thousand things that can happen when you go to light a rocket engine,” explained SpaceX propulsion chief Tom Mueller, “and only one of them is good.”

Development Alchemy + Aim