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Problem Solving

Why you should walk away from your problems

Last week, we stayed in Eze, a small medieval village in the French Riviera. Eze is perched on a hillside, roughly 420 meters (1,400 feet) above sea level. Near the entrance to our hotel, I noticed a sign labeled the Friedrich Nietzsche Path. The German philosopher apparently stayed in the …

Be more like a fly and less like a bee

Imagine a glass bottle with its base pointed toward a light. If you put half a dozen bees and flies into the bottle, which species would find their way out first? Most people assume the answer is bees. After all, bees are known for their intelligence. They can learn highly …

What you can learn from this centuries-old math mystery

In 1637, Pierre de Fermat scribbled a note on a textbook margin that would baffle mathematicians for more than three centuries. Fermat had a theory. He proposed that there’s no solution to the formula an + bn = cn for any n greater than 2. “I have a truly marvelous …

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