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Problem Solving

Why things don’t change (and what to do about it)

“Where is the intermission?!?!” I remember thinking, baffled during my first movie theater experience in the United States.

Growing up in Turkey, I was used to the customary 10-minute intermission during movies—a brief hiatus to dash to the restroom, stretch your legs, and buy snacks and drinks right at your seat.

Overwhelmed? Try this.

As I write this, I’m on a flight to Las Vegas to give a keynote at a Salesforce/Tableau conference with 8,000 attendees.

It’s one of 6 events I’m doing in less than 7 days.

In moments like this, it’s easy to get frazzled and lose myself in overwhelm.

There’s a practice I follow to ground myself that I’m going to share with you. It comes from an unlikely place: bullfighting. (For our purposes, I’m going to set aside the cruelty of the “sport” and instead focus on the idea).

It’s called querencia.

The power of saying what you really want

A friend recently shared a story of her traditional British upbringing that illustrates a universal problem in how we communicate.

It centered around an unspoken family rule about the last biscuit. During family gatherings, when only one biscuit remained on the plate, a subtle yet intricate dance would unfold.

It doesn’t have to be hard

Picture this: A cramped academic office filled with tall stacks of papers and research journals.

And there I am, hunched over my desk, drenched in the artificial glow of my computer screen, nursing a neglected coffee that had grown cold in the hustle to get one more paragraph down on the page.

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