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Join The Inner Circle

This blog, the Weekly Contrarian newsletter, and the Famous Failure podcast are my version of a free concert—and my concerts will always remain free.

The membership is an exclusive pass to the backstage after-party once the concert ends (or before it begins). Ever since I started this blog, I’ve wanted collaborators and friends—not fans. The membership program exists to create a small inner circle and to connect—to really connect—with you. When you join, you’ll walk alongside me, and the rest of the tribe, on a creative journey.

Join For $4.95/Month

What are the Benefits To You?

Membership in an email list

You’ll get an additional email from me with one thought or idea that can be read in less than 2 minutes. Some of the emails will take you behind the scenes and share personal updates.

Private discussion forum

Build connections with a community of people who are reimagining the status quo. Our members are helping each other and holding each other accountable. Members hail from all over the world–including the United States, Canada, Italy, Chile, Spain, India, Egypt, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Germany, France, Australia, and the UK.

Monthly video calls

Struggling with a problem? Have a question for me? Get feedback from me and the other Inner Circle members on our video calls. Each session is recorded and shared with the community. I don’t do any consulting, so this is your opportunity to run ideas by me, as well as by the amazing tribe of contrarian thinkers in the Inner Circle with diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Ask-me-anything sessions

Participate in exclusive Q&A sessions with top authors, entrepreneurs, and athletes who are titans in their fields. Ask them questions on just about anything—all without having to pay the eye-popping consulting fees they normally charge.

In-person meetups

I spend a lot of time traveling around the globe. You’ll be notified when I’m in your neck of the woods so we can schedule a group meetup.

And much more

You’ll be able to suggest questions for interviewees on the Famous Failures podcast.

You’ll have early access to books, articles, courses, and events.

You’ll be the first to know when I’m hiring.

Join For $4.95/Month

Looking for More? Join My Mastermind.


Everything in the Inner Digital Circle Community PLUS:

  • A mastermind video meeting every 3 months. There’ll be no more than 5 people on each call. You’ll get personalized mentoring and advice. (I normally charge $750/hour for consulting).
  • A signed copy of my previous and future books.
  • A free personalized book every 3 months. I’ll ask you what you’re in the mood for reading (or what you’re struggling with) and ship you a curated book that I love in the mail. (This benefit is only available to members in the United States and Canada).

Join for $99.95/month

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