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A life lived carefully

Posted in the following categories: Life Lessons, Personal Development

You never face failure
Walk off the beaten path
Leap into the unknown
Change your routines
Eat forbidden fruits
Sing really loudly
Dance really badly
Go outside in the rain
Show your imperfections
Cry big tears
Confess your love
Get your heart broken

You paint all your walls white
Look ahead only to the safe course
Stifle your finest impulses
Say what others expect you to say
Punish your inner child for wanting to play
Dismiss your thoughts because they are your own
Live with the same answers
Walk the same paths
Defer your dreams
Squeeze yourself into boxes others have drawn
And slaughter a little piece of you every day

A life lived carefully is a life full of regrets.

Because the purpose of life isn’t to be fine.

It’s to be alive.

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