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Frans Johansson

An entrepreneur, creative thinker, and acclaimed international speaker, Frans Johansson has lived all his life at the intersection. He has started a health-care business, a software company, a hedge fund, and an innovation firm. Frans is the author of The Medici Effect and The Click Moment, and is the founder and CEO of The Medici Group.

Reach out and connect with Frans on LinkedIn or Twitter. To learn more about his company The Medici Group, visit their website at

In this episode Frans and I discuss:

  • How his early life experiences influenced the work that Frans does today
  • How Frans accidentally ended up attending Harvard Business School
  • The ten-second vision that shaped Frans’s ideas on diversity and innovation
  • Why diversity in the workplace doesn’t work without inclusion
  • How to help diverse teams become more innovative
  • Why Frans thinks that failure and success go hand in hand
  • How people can take away positive lessons from failure
  • What Frans learned from his failed tech start-up

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