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Harshada Pathare

Posted in the following categories: Spotlight

Author and innovation expert, Harshada Pathare creates connections via art.

Her purpose: enrich and empower people and elevate the common story one word at a time.

Her style: Living life with no fears of depths, learning to create an open dialogue between heart and mind.

Learn more on her homepage, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube where she is spreading seeds of her own thoughts:





1) Tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a writer. How has embracing your passion for the written word challenged the status quo?

Take a moment to imagine a perfect world—one that requires no improvement. Difficult, right? But not just that. It’s really rather unpleasant.

As long as creativity persists in the universe, there will always be room for improvement…and those who fail to forge new tools, blaze better paths and dream ‘XL’ will neither leave a legacy nor live with life’s true pleasures.

That said, my journey as a writer isn’t terribly unique. (Thinking’s the tricky part!) I simply wish to express myself, and syntax is the tool I’ve chosen. It may have been music. It may have been clicks, but nothing compares to the love I have for language and its voltage.

There’s a beauty in both the equations of lexical clarity and poetic abstraction. One can’t compare one’s streams of thought in consciousness with dreamt lagoons. I feel that my success so far is having sense enough to float. Imagination proves the water. Words are but the boat.

2) You have published four books and also write a blog. What inspires your writing?

My writing is the result of thinking, and my thoughts are the upshot of experience. I try never to forget the importance of that particular sequence. No matter the genre or style in question, writers—the real ones—share one thing in common: they’re curious. Not by trade. By nature and have to dig it all.

There’s soul-searching, sure, but not just one’s own. One has to feel others—have empathy, love. Poetical license has little value to those who know nothing of life’s real roads. My inspiration? Everything that is and isn’t…yet.

Using prose, poetry and the new-fangled platforms of social media, I find purpose in helping readers to locate their own. Nothing is more empowering—at least to me—than giving power. Guiding is how I’ve found my way. I’d write on a desert island, but it wouldn’t be the same.

3) How do you hope to inspire other women in developing countries who want to step outside the norm and follow their own passion?

Call me a contrarian, but I don’t place much importance on defining myself as a female writer—or one from a developing country. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all just human beings, and there’s only one biosphere. My gender, heritage and homeland are parts of who I am…but hardly the biggest. Philosophy has little interest in borders.

Female writers have already taken centre spotlight on the global stage, and now it’s only a matter of speaking to truths and embracing the craft. This, in itself, will inspire young women from developing nations to reach for the stars.

Coming from a family that expected excellence in mathematics and science, my literary pursuits were all the more difficult, but there I’d sit on my school-bench studying, determined to master English, and, now, I’m happy I had to choose.

We only have so much time, and the (drawn-out) development of artistic ability always amounts to a gamble. That’s the truth. It isn’t the safe or the get-rich route…but nothing compares to self-expression and anyone, with work—compassion, patience, curiosity—can come to find themselves and, too, an Earth of kindred spirits. 

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