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The perfect time to start

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“Next month, I’ll sign up for that photography class.”

“This isn’t the right time to start my novel.”

“I’ll get around to planning that Japan trip after things slow down.”

Sound familiar? You’re in good company. We’ve all been there, waiting for that elusive “perfect time” to start something new.

Here’s the twist: The perfect time is a myth.

There’s always a convenient excuse waiting in the wings—a reason NOT to begin. And on the surface, the excuse seems practical. It seems wise to wait for the right moment to ensure we’re ready to take action.

But when you look deeper, you’ll often find that this excuse isn’t rooted in pragmatism.

It’s rooted in fear.

“I’m not ready yet” or “This isn’t the right time” usually means “I’m afraid.” Afraid of failure, afraid of uncertainty, afraid of being rejected, afraid of leaving your comfort zone.

Rather than taking a leap, we cling to the safe bet. As a result, we pass up opportunities to level up. To find the greatness in ourselves. To make a dent in the universe.

What sets universe-denters apart from the rest is their willingness to fly in the face of uncertainty, while everyone else stands rooted to the ground.

Every moment spent waiting for that mythical “right time” is a moment you’re not evolving, not creating, and not living to the fullest.

This isn’t meant to intimidate, but to liberate. Imagine the freedom in accepting that now is as good a time as any.

There’s a line from Rumi that I love: “As you start to walk on the path, the path appears.”

Far too many people wait to make a move until they can see the entire path ahead. They want to know all the twists and turns with perfect clarity and see the precise destination before they even start walking.

Which means they stand still. They never move.

Life lights the path ahead only a few steps at a time. There’s no trailer previewing the trails ahead, and no flashlight powerful enough to show you what’s to come.

As you take each step, you go from not knowing to knowing and from darkness to light.

Looking back at the pivotal moments of my own life, I could never see a clear path ahead. I had some idea of where I wanted to go—to work on a space mission or to publish a bestselling book—but I didn’t quite know how I would get there.

The timing never felt perfect. I felt anxious about the unknowns, doubted my abilities, and feared that the obstacles ahead were insurmountable.

But I still walked. If I had waited until the path revealed itself with perfect clarity, I would have never moved.

So begin that project, start that course, and write the first page of your book. As you do, watch as the path unfolds, guiding you—not because you waited for the right time, but because you dared to start.

The perfect time to start?

It’s now.

What are you waiting for?

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Let’s make “now” the perfect time to start.

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