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Jennifer Dulski

Jennifer Dulski is the head of Facebook Groups, a product used by more than 1 billion people. She has more than fifteen years of experience at successful startups and big-brand Internet companies, including as a business unit leader at Yahoo! and as CEO of The Dealmap, which was acquired by Google in 2011, making Jennifer the first woman to sell a company to Google. Prior to Facebook, Jennifer spent 4 years as president & COO of, a social impact company that empowers people globally to start and win campaigns for change.

Jennifer’s first book, Purposeful, about how each of us can be movement starters, is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. You can join the Facebook group for Purposeful at this link to connect with others interested in starting or supporting movements.

In the interview, Jennifer and I discuss:

  • How Jennifer dealt with the uncertainty and fear of failure involved with leaving her leadership position at Yahoo! and joining a startup as CEO
  • How the startup failed three times, but she refused to go home
  • Why she uses a strategy called “icked-tickda” to be less scared of big or unknown things
  • Why she deliberately places her in situations that make her nervous or uncomfortable
  • How she destigmatized failure at through a Festival of Failure
  • Why sharing your vulnerability is crucial to becoming a movement starter
  • How she uses a trick from the movie Rocky to get back on her feet after losing a round or two.
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