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Austin Buchan

Austin Buchan is the CEO of College Forward, which is a nonprofit that coaches students from underserved backgrounds to achieve the benefits of higher education and a college degree. One of the central tenants of College Forward is the belief that everyone who wants to go to college can go to college. College Forward helps universities build and implement student coaching programs that increase retention, persistence, and graduation.

Connect with Austin on Twitter and learn more about College Forward at this link.

In the episode, Austin and I discuss:

  • How Austin got started in education by building a program for high school students on a rural island in Nicaragua
  • The one practice that all university presidents should institute and the one practice they should eliminate
  • Why the students that College Forward serves have more grit and perseverance than most of the population
  • The notable failures that Austin experienced as the CEO for College Forward
  • How to create an environment where employees are willing to raise their hands and challenge the leadership
  • How to know when to kill a project that you started.
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