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Shane Snow

Shane Snow is an award-winning journalist, celebrated entrepreneur, and the bestselling author of the books Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking and DREAM TEAMS: Working Together Without Falling Apart, as well as the co-author of The Storytelling Edge. He is founder-at-large of the content technology company Contently, and is a board member of The Hatch Institute, a nonprofit for investigative journalism in the public interest.

Snow’s writing has appeared in Fast Company, Wired, and The New Yorker. He’s a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and has been called a “Wunderkind” by The New York Times, a “Digital Maverick” by Details, and his work “Insanely addicting” by GQ.

In the interview, Shane explains strategies based on research on how we can learn from failure; shares his own personal and business failures and what he learned from them; and discusses the power of storytelling in building relationships and dissects how a captivating story is structured.

You can take Shane’s intellectual humility test at this link and find out how open-minded you are. You can also grab a copy of Shane’s latest book, Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart, here.

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