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Tiago Forte

Tiago Forte is one of the world’s foremost experts on productivity. He writes and speaks on how knowledge workers can revolutionize their personal effectiveness using technology, and has taught more than 20,000 people around the world through his online courses and live workshops.

Tiago’s online course Building a Second Brain has been taken by more than 1,000 people from more than 60 countries.

You can learn more about Building a Second Brain at

In the interview, Tiago and I discuss:

  • How Tiago quit his consulting position to pursue a career as an entrepreneur
  • What you can do to prepare for being an entrepreneur
  • Why Tiago’s first business venture was a massive success.
  • How that massive success was followed by a colossal failure and the lessons Tiago learned from that failure
  • How Tiago validated his next business idea, the Building a Second Brain course, before launching it
  • Why showing your failures and vulnerability can make you more appealing

Resources mentioned:

Tagging is Broken
How to Use Evernote for Your Creative Workflow
The “beautiful mess” effect

The Contrarian Handbook
The Status Quo.

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