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Bonnie St. John

Bonnie St. John is an Olympic Medalist, bestselling author, highly sought after keynote speaker, and a leadership consultant.

Despite having her right leg amputated at age five, Bonnie St. John became the first African-American ever to win medals in Winter Olympic competition, taking home a silver and two bronze medals at the 1984 Winter Paralympics in Austria.

President Clinton appointed her as a Director for Human Capital Issues on the White House National Economic Council, and NBC Nightly News selected Bonnie St. John as “One of the five most inspiring women in America.” Bonnie travels the globe as a highly sought after keynote speaker, Fortune 500 business consultant, television and radio personality, and business owner.

She’s currently the CEO of the Blue Circle Leadership Institute, where she leads international live and virtual leadership programs. Bonnie is the bestselling author of seven books. Her most recent book is Micro Resilience: Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive, and Energy. You can find out more about the book at

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